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Interactive iPad Conferences

We have recently completed a successful project in Vienna. A&T provided 200 iPads pre-configured with our clients event software and a crew of 2 Technicians to support. We prepared our iPads with backgrounds, Survey App and WiFi settings. The iPads were fully charged, cleaned, flight cased and ready to be handed to delegates. We sent out own event crew on the long drive to Vienna and arrived with plenty of time to spare.

Day 1 involved setting up a dedicated WiFi network to support the 200 iPads with internet access and additional client devices. As we all know hotel WiFi can be flakey and our clients requirements demanded a fast and reliable connection. We liaised with iBahn (the hotels internet provider) and installed our own access points and routing equipment. The installation provided by our team proved a flawless service with no downtime.

Day 2 was the first day of the event and required an early start. Our events team assisting in greeting the delegates and handing out the iPads. Once the show had begun we provided support for any delegates who needed help to get up and running on the WiFi. The iPads provided interactive voting and gathering questions from the Audience.

Day 3 was a short day with plenary sessions running until lunchtime. The delegates contributed to a series of heavy interactive sessions and valuable data was collected. Once the event had finished we collected the iPads and packed away all of our networking kit. We said out goodbyes to a very happy client and started the long drive back!