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Interactive iPad Quiz

iPad Quiz System

Our iPad quiz system has been used for many charity nights and corporate events. The system was designed as a module for our conference iPad app, with the purpose of replacing pen and paper. The benefits of such a system include real time scoring and a live leader board.

Our team work with the event organisers to create a fully branded iPad app. The questions, answers and quiz rounds are all programmed and accessible via our control panel. The whole system runs offline with no internet required, so can be deployed any where there is power. Our technicians provide a local wireless system and all of the laptops and tech equipment required, so the client only has to come up with some really good questions.

The teams can enter a custom team name or we can allocate table names prior to the quiz starting. Our iPad system uses push technology to make sure everyone receives the question at the same time and only for a limited amount of time. This stops any cheating and also moves the quiz along at a consistent pace. Different points can be awarded for different rounds to make an exciting finale!