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UK Computer Rentals
You can hire laptops from 1 day through to 6 months. Our focus is on quality, all of our rental laptops are from top brand manufacturers such as HP and Lenovo. Our rental equipment is fully wiped, reloaded and physically cleaned before each rental. Every laptop rental includes a carry case, external mouse and your choice of Operating System.

We offer a number of different configurations, for a wide variety of uses. We can assist in deploying software by configuring equipment in our workshops before delivery. A&T offer a range of rental accessories and flexible delivery options. Please get in touch to find out more.


All of our rental laptops come equipped with Intel processors. For basic tasks and web browsing, we offer a budge range of Intel Core 2 equipped laptops. For more demanding applications we offer Intel i3, i5 and i7 models. All of our models now feature 64 bit enabled processors. Please get in touch and we can help advise you on a suitable laptop for your rental requirements.


One of the key requirements when ordering laptops is the amount of memory required. Today’s complex software and virtual images, can require what were once deemed huge amounts of memory. We keep pace with users requirements and can currently provide up to 16GB of RAM in certain models. We also offer models with over 1TB of storage space.

Screen Size

If you are using laptops instead of desktop computers and for prolonged periods of time, screen size can be very important. All of our models come with at least a 15” widescreen display. We also offer 17” displays for those users that need them. We also offer laptops with HDMI ports for output to HD screens and monitors.

Operating Systems

A&T can install a range of operating systems on our rental laptops. We offer both 32 and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows. We can also install different variants of Linux such as Ubuntu. Our Clients security is very important to us and we install the latest security patches and updates prior to delivery. We also ensure there is virus protection on all of our laptops.